He finally claims his billion won at Mega Millions

The news has just fallen at the beginning of the week in March and we must admit that it would have been rather annoying for many readers of our blog, than to know that this story would have ended without a happy ending! The lucky winner of the Mega Millions has finally claimed his billion and we will refresh your memory around this extraordinary gain.

A gain pending since October 2018

As incredible as it may seem, the American Mega Millions lottery was indeed awaiting the manifestation of the winner of the exceptional jackpot, which was then in play today, since Tuesday, October 23, 2018 …

A funny story which will then see its epilogue a few days ago, when the winner has finally decided to go claim his prize. So here he is, the happy winner of 1.5 billion! And it is in anonymity and after more than 4 months in the shadows that the latter will declare himself to receive the pretty sum of, after the withdrawals, 877 million dollars. But if the story may already seem trivial, it should not be overlooked that this winner almost saw this incredible sum of money slip away under his nose a few days …

A jackpot claimed on time

If you were in this player’s shoes, how would you react if you found out that you had won 1.5 billion, but lost them because they were not claimed on time ?! There is a good chance that you will blame yourself for the rest of your life. And that’s exactly what almost happened to the one who won the $ 1.5 billion jackpot in October 2018 … at the American lotto game Mega Millions. Indeed, the winner had not made a sign of life since the 23 of this month of October and we then believed here in the case of yet another player who would have neglected his ticket and especially his gain.

But fortunately, for this winner unknown at the time, he had until April 19 to wake up and present himself to the management Mega Millions. If this deadline had been exceeded, his victory would then have been canceled quite simply and his famous jackpot would then have been shared among all the American states. But we will not come to this extreme case, because the famous winner of the American lottery game showed up a few days ago. A strong moment which almost cost him his lot since we are currently about 1 month from the end of the legal period of demonstration.

A story that ends rather well with this winner of the American lottery who presented himself to the managers of Mega Millions in order to claim his due: a hell of a lot of big green bills which signs here a sum won by the qualified player like a record in the history of the lottery.

A very large amount

We have to admit that winning $ 1.5 billion overnight is not something that has to be easy to digest. But it is also probably the importance of this amount that most certainly prompted him to take his time before revealing himself in broad daylight to claim this amount which indeed has enough to create reluctance, even if it is here of a sum that everyone, without exception, would dream of winning in the lottery. It should not be forgotten that in addition, each player has only one chance of winning out of 302,000,000 in the Mega Millions lotto game. You will concede here that it is indeed very slim as a probability.

A lucky and anonymous winner

If you are used to reading our articles and advice reviews on our Roulette.be blog, then you know exactly why it is advisable to remain anonymous, if possible, when you have a big win. And that is exactly what this winner did who eventually showed up to the lotto company while deciding not to reveal his identity.

But that does not prevent him, however, from confiding in the media some information about his desires and how he came to buy his winning ticket. We know for example that, on the day of the victory, he in fact made only “good” decisions, according to him. And the future will necessarily prove him right. A citizen of Simpsonville, he reveals that he did not want to enter the KC Mart store to play initially. And it was however after a brief introspection that he decided to try to force his destiny and especially luck by taking ticket and in fact playing a single “flash” grid at 2 dollars.

But besides this gain, it is also a very good deal also for the KC Mart and the State of South Carolina who receive here a very nice free publicity and money in addition.

A similar gain is indeed also very advantageous for the store and the State of South Carolina which then sees its manager, CJ Patel, receive 50,000 dollars of MegaMillions for the occasion and as part of his management of the KC Mart which has somehow created its winner here.

This is indeed the reward promised by the gaming organization, for having sold the winning ticket. It is also interesting to note that the State of South Carolina will also have an interesting share in this exceptional lot, because the State will collect up to $ 61 million in taxes.

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